The Showroom

After 35 years of business activities exclusively on the markets of the Far East (Japan, China and Korea), we decided to settle directly in the territory of reference: Japan. A project that, although ambitious, allows us to further facilitate both the companies involved in the distribution in Japan, and each purchaser.

In addition to the simplification of business operations, and the possibility of developing a more direct dialogue between Italian producers and foreign customers, the Japanese branch of Etruria & Zetema Srl and show-room attached to it, allowing the producer (through daily monitoring), to exercise more control over the distribution of the product concerned.

At the same time the customer is able to eliminate costs from operations provided for under the system of exportstandard (which includes fees for buyers, importers, distributors and retail outlets), and has the ability to promote the product at a reasonable price, in line with othercompeting products.

Being interested in a possible distribution of your products (as deemed appropriateto the development of a successful business relationship) Please check back in case the 'possibility of establishing a working relationship is of mutual interest.