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We actively research the market for men's, ladies and children's knitwear, from classic to extremely fashionable sweaters. Knitwear is able to satisfy all type's of people and there are styles for all age groups at the right price. We are able to propose knitwear for both men's and ladies which ranges from classic to young, from casual to elegant. Our experienced assistance enables to buy knitwear for the winter season with a component of wool which can start at a minimum 30% up to 100%. The wool blend compositions may have high percentages of cashmere,silk, angora, mohair or alpaca and any other fibre requested. We can offer manufacturers who are able to produce knitwear with applications of genuine or faux leather and real fur such as lapin, mongolia or marabou. The styles range from a simple lightweight shell to the cardigan or sweater coat, to knit skirts and pants which can be coordinated to the tops. In this area we are also able to effect in-line inspections.